You’re not eating it, neither should kids

healthy snacks for kids

I’ve had several moms tell me that they have snacks in the house, like cookies, chips, bars, soda, pretzels, crackers, and/or candy just for their kids. Why is it okay to have your children eat sugary, salty, calorie-dense, nutrient-lacking foods? It’s not okay! You also don’t want to be tempted to grab those items when you’re hungry.

You want your children to be healthy, the proper weight for their age and height, and to get adequate nutrients, which most don’t, so don’t have junk food in the house for them. Start them young to eat vegetables.

Eating fruit, veggies, protein, nuts, seeds, and beans, and limiting junk food, feeds their bones and cells, and protects against disease now and in the future. Picky kids typically end up being picky, overweight adults with medical issues.

Make your children (or yourself) healthy snacks like apple slices smeared with a little bit of almond butter, a fruit smoothie with almond milk and vegan vanilla protein powder, celery with peanut butter, vegetable soup, or even little carrots with hummus. They’ll feel better, get more nutrients, feel fuller, and maybe even be less cranky (but no promises!).


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