instead of probiotics for gut health & weight loss, eat this


Eating a few burgers, with fries, a soda, and topping it off with a milkshake, and then going for a walk to burn it off, is equivalent to taking probiotics with the hopes of improving gut health so your body will be more efficient at fat burning, is ridiculous. If you keep eating unhealthy foods, taking a probiotic is not going to fix your gut, or reduce your weight.

The way to improve your gut health is to greatly reduce the foods that are making you overweight and sick (lethargic, acid reflux, stomach pain, type 2 diabetes, joint pain…etc. ). So, cut out the fried foods, soda, juices, Gatorades, cereals, dairy, fast food, processed foods, sugar, pasta, and bread.

The foods that will improve your gut health are vegetables, and eat lots of them. You can eat potatoes, corn and peas, but lean towards less starchy veggies like green beans, green (red and yellow) onions, broccoli, cucumber, radishes, squash, brussels, cauliflower (use cauliflower rice instead of rice for fewer calories and more veggies), artichoke hearts (I get them in a can), asparagus, and cabbage. Use oil sparingly (I use a little bit of olive oil when I roast vegetables). You can steam vegetables in stock, or put them into a soup to get the most nutrients.

Stop putting a tiny Band-Aid on a huge gaping hole. Quit wasting your money on probiotics, and get real results of a healthier gut and weight loss, by cutting back on junk and adding in more veggies.

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