How to turn weight loss failure into success


If you’ve tried one or more weight loss programs, and you were not able to lose weight, or keep the weight off, it’s not that you’re a failure; it just means that weight loss program didn’t fit you well. Weight loss programs don’t work for everyone because we all have different jobs, different likes, different work hours, and different medical conditions.

If you try a weight loss program for a week and hate everything about it, then try something else. If you generally do well on a diet plan, but don’t follow it exactly because you went out to eat, or can’t give up that ice cream before bed, that’s okay. Just keep trying. It takes a long time to change eating habits that have been ingrained for years. It takes strong willpower to say no to fattening, delicious foods that surround and tease us on a daily basis.

The trick to turning those failures into progressive weight loss, is to keep trying, but also be aware of the little voice inside you. Does that voice punish you for eating that treat? Don’t do that! Or, does it tell you that you did well throughout the day, and you’ll try to skip that food tomorrow? That’s better. Or, do you tell yourself that it’s too hard and you always fail at everything you do? Don’t do that! That just ingrains your perception that you will never succeed.

The other thing people do that derails them from weight loss is to think of a diet as: awful, punishment, bland, or yucky-tasteless-healthy-food. Vegetables aren’t gross; you don’t have to eat them raw, or boil or steam them, but you do have to eat them daily if you want to improve your health.

Losing extra weight is a gift to your body and your family because you will be happier and feel better. You can get creative and try different recipes to see which ones you like and help get the weight off.

A positive outlook, lots of self-encouragement, really trying, and following steps that will help you progress, like planning and making meals and low-calorie snacks in advance, will lead you on the right track.

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