The difference between thin & fit

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The appearance of a slender woman in a tight black dress is a vision of fitness, but, in reality, she may just be thin and weak. A man with a 6-pack is usually just an indication of low bodyfat (he may be a weakling with nice looking abs). Being slim and strong have absolutely no correlation with each other. If you want to slim down, you’ll need to eat fewer calories, preferably by cutting out junk food and eating a lot more vegetables, and you’ll probably need to do at least 30 minutes of daily exercise to get that weight down to where you want it.

If you want to be fit, you’ll want to find productive ways to deal with stress, sleep, on average, 7-8 hours nightly; keep alcohol to a minimum; avoid non-prescription drugs; don’t smoke anything; cut out most processed foods; eat a majority of foods from vegetables, beans, lean proteins, whole grains, nuts, and seeds (in that order); maintain a healthy bodyfat percentage for your age and gender; do weight bearing exercises at least twice a week, plus add 30 minutes of exercise another five days each week. You’ll also want to practice 5-10 minutes of stretching and mobility exercises on a daily basis.

Being fit takes more work, than just being thin, but it’s more rewarding in that you’ll be healthier, have less aches and pains, look more attractive, and have a lot more energy.

Photo: If you smoke cigarettes, you can’t do push ups, or get off the floor with ease, you’re not fit.

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