how many times a day should you eat for weight loss

red top and blue shorts by cliff.jpgIt’s advised to eat every 2-3 hours to keep your metabolism up, but how many times a day you should eat depends on many factors. For instance, many bikini competitors eat six times a day. There’s a lean bodybuilder at my gym who tells his clients to eat ten times a day. An popular female Instagram influencer eats only three times a day. So, what is it? Three, six or ten?

Not only does the total calories, types of food, and how much protein you eat daily, affect your bodyfat composition, but also, how often eating hinders, or works with your lifestyle. If you’re really busy and can only fit in three meals a day, then the six times a day protocol won’t work for you.

When I was thinking about doing a bikini competition, I tried eating six times a day, but eating such small portions made me feel deprived, and eating right before bed was annoying. So, then I tried eating three large meals, three times a day, but I didn’t like how stuffed I felt, and I didn’t like waiting to eat so long between meals. I’ve found what helped me lose the excess weight, and prevents me from overeating, is eating four small meals a day, plus grabbing a handful of nuts as a snack an hour after dinner.

Try eating more, or less often, at certain times, and with different portions of lean proteins, whole food carbs from vegetables and grains, and healthy fats, to find out what works best for you.

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