Standing is bad too. What to do.

kicking wavesBy now, everyone has heard that sitting is really bad for us because it puts excessive pressure on the low back, reduces mobility in our hips and spine, causes stiffness, and puts our head, neck and shoulders in a forward position that causes pain and unnatural rounding. So, a lot of people have elevated their work desks, and are now standing at their jobs, but standing for long periods of time isn’t good either.

So, we’re not supposed to sit, or stand, so what are we supposed to do if we are stuck at work, or standing in line for extended periods of time? The answer is to be mobile, by that, I mean, frequently move around. If you’re standing, try leg swings, front and back, side to side. Perform shoulder rolls, hip cleaners, calf raises, arm circles, squats, hip circles, glute squeezes, reverse lunges, elevated push-ups with your hands on the edge of your desk (as long as it doesn’t move), hip hinges, stand on one leg for balance (and switch sides), and/or perform gentle low-kicks. There’s lots of exercises you can do while standing, and you’ll feel so much better too.

Photo: Me, flicking water off my toes with a kick

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