the ball stretch for tight chest muscles

yoga therapy ball.jpgWe were made to be mobile, but technology has us bound to chairs in front of computers, where we get stiff and battle pain. Weight lifters get tight chests from chest presses, push-ups, and chest flyes, so releasing tension with this simple ball press is good for them too.

In the YouTube video below, I use a yoga therapy ball, but a lacrosse ball, or tennis ball works also. While standing, place the ball on your upper pec, and press your chest into the ball, and the ball into a wall. Hold this pressure for five minutes, and then switch sides. I watch TV while doing this stretch so it doesn’t seem as long, or boring. Ideally, perform this stretch daily, but the first time you try this, your upper pec might be sore, so you may want to take two days off before applying pressure with the ball again.

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