a weird reason why you can’t see muscle gains


We want to see muscles, it’s that “toned” look that everyone wants. It’s no surprise that fat covers muscle, which is one reason why you may not see your beautiful, shapely triceps. Another reason you may not see muscle definition, is that you may not be drinking enough water.

Famous physical therapist and strength coach Jeff Cavaliere, who trains athletes and celebrities, states that you “…can’t create muscle in a dehydrated state…” (1). With sufficient water intake, you’ll feel better (if you’re usually dehydrated), and may even help you lose extra body fat. Filling up with water instead of extra calories, can help with hunger cravings, since some people gravitate towards food instead of water due to mixed signals from the brain. Your brain may tell you that you’re starving, when, in fat, you’re extremely thirsty.


(1). Source: Cavaliere, Jeff. Athlean-X. “5 Red Flags You’re Not Gaining Muscle.” YouTube, 11.42. 22 Dec. 2019

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