how to get the body you want, without surgery

transformation TuesdayIf you’re a male and want bigger arms, and to lose belly fat, a simple solution is to do weighted back and biceps exercises, cut back on the beer, and eat fewer calories. If you’re female, and want a larger rounded, lifted butt; smaller arms, and perkier breasts, there’s non-surgical options to reach your ideal body goals too.

A round, lifted, curvaceous butt is presently defined as sexy, but you don’t need butt implants to get that look. All you need is a stretchable, elastic band to do lateral band walks, hip thrusts, banded cha-chas, bridges, frog pumps, fire-hydrants, and leg lifts. Pick a few of the above exercises, perform them two to three times a week to your favorite tunes, switch up the repetitions and exercises every four weeks, and you’ll keep seeing improvements over time.

If you want smaller arms, using high reps with bodyweight or light weights (3-15 pounds), like dips, push-ups, triceps extensions, biceps curls, and reducing portion sizes, will shrink and define (what some refer to as “tone”) those arms.

For more youthful breasts, invest in comfortable underwire, padded bras to lift you up. Exercises like low-to-high cable flys, and chest presses, performed twice a week, create upper cleavage, and that upper shelf. These results will show if your bodyfat is under 25%, so cut back on the snacks and excess calories.

Most of the time, you can do the work without shelling out thousands of dollars for surgery to get the best version of your natural self.

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