Don’t do high intensity exercise during COVID-19 outbreak

stay calm

Exercise is good for us, but too much of anything can be harmful. During stressful times, all types of intense exercise should be taken down a notch or two, to reduce the chances of getting sick. Whether it be heaving lifting, long workouts, or heart-pounding cardio, these types of workouts negatively affect the central nervous system, wear you down, and increase susceptibility of an lowered immune system. If you are stressed and worn out, this will make it harder for your body to fight a virus.

While exercise is extremely important for a healthy heart and mind, don’t skip exercise, instead, do light cardio, dynamic stretches, moderate weight lifting, and calm breathing exercises for the time being. This pandemic is not a time to overreact, but to be smart and safe. Just like the many diseases over time, this too, will pass.

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