People are bungling social distancing. Are you one of them?

this is NOT social distancing

Social distancing is difficult because people are social by nature, and need the touch of others to thrive (1), but during this global pandemic, we need to resist our natural impulses. Social distancing orders were put in place by government officials to slow the number of COVID-19 infections. If too many people get sick at once, it will overwhelm hospitals, there won’t be enough beds, ventilators, masks, gloves, or nurses to help everyone. This means, many people will die unnecessarily.

As of March 23rd, there are over 43,000 Coronavirus cases and 545 deaths in the United States alone, and that’s just since February 15th ! (2).

We can all help reduce the spread of this virus by social distancing, but people are not practicing it at all, or, making up their own rules. Social distancing means, the only time you leave the house is to get food, or medicine. If you want to go for a walk, keep at least six feet of space between you and strangers. Don’t invite your friends or family over. You don’t know if they are infected because people who don’t have any symptoms can be carriers and, unbeknownst to them, spread the virus to others. Only physically spend time with people you live with. If your mom, dad, daughter…etc., doesn’t live with you, that means you cannot have them over, and you cannot go to their house either.

It means, don’t exercise in your condo or work gym that’s shared by others. Don’t swim in a pool or sit in a jacuzzi, unless it’s only used by your household. Don’t hang out with your neighbors, or help people with unnecessary home improvement projects at this time. Remember that people who don’t have symptoms can be infectious to others. You don’t know how this virus will affect you until it hits.

The Coronavirus is ten times as worse than the flu, and what makes it even more horrific, is that there is no vaccine, no treatment, and our bodies have no immunity to it. Some people have mild symptoms, while others have to be put on a ventilator in order to breathe, and some people don’t survive.

Don’t be selfish, by putting fun ahead of health. We are all putting our lives on hold, and are scared, and want to be distracted so we don’t have to face the reality that many people are going to die, some will be our friends, some may be our family, but the more we can do now by staying away from each other, will do a lot to keep us safer. Please, do your part.



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