Lose weight by changing your bedtime


We all have good intentions when the goal is weight loss; we start out with a small breakfast, or skip it entirely, have a salad for lunch, soup for dinner, then after dinner, a few snacks: chips, a bowl of ice cream, cookies, deli meat, cheese and crackers and several handfuls of nuts.

When you starve yourself throughout the day, binging at night is inevitable. If you can tolerate breakfast, it’s best to make that your largest meal to set you up for success. Your lunch should be a moderate size. Two to two and half hours after lunch, eat something, like an ounce of almonds and an apple, so you’re not tempted to snack. Your dinner should contain lean protein with green and some starchy vegetables to fill you up.

Lastly, and this will make the biggest difference, is to go to bed earlier. Since we tend to binge before bedtime, determine what time you typically eat more than you wanted. I usually grab whatever is in the house at 7:30 pm, so, to stop that habit of overeating at night, I decided to go upstairs, away from the kitchen, and climb into bed at 7:15 pm. I either read a book in bed or watch TV since 7:15 pm is a bit early for bedtime.

The benefits are that you’ll go to sleep earlier, wake up earlier and get more accomplished, and lose weight quicker.

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