It’s not just the elderly dying from COVID-19

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Just because you’re not a senior citizen, doesn’t mean you won’t end up in the ER, or can’t die from COVID-19. People of all ages, all backgrounds, and those in great physical condition, have been sent to the hospital and passed away from this insidious disease. No one is immune based on how healthy they are, or how young they are. It’s like cancer, there is no cure, and no one is impervious to becoming severely ill.

Those that are in the higher-risk category of getting sent to the ICU and dying, are the obese, those with cancer, uncontrolled diabetes, asthma, heart disease, lung disease, and/or high blood pressure.

While we all want to resume life back to normal, sending people back to work and infecting others at even higher rates, will result in an many more people dying because there won’t be enough beds, equipment, doctors, or nurses available.

There’s talk that people just need to risk their lives in order to help the economy, but if hundreds of thousands, and possibly millions of people, are dying, we won’t have enough workers to keep businesses running, and we won’t have as many people buying goods. Business will go under, more people will lose their jobs, homes will be foreclosed, and we’ll have fewer health care workers to take care of us.

Keeping the world healthy doesn’t just save lives, it’s also interconnected to financial stability.

Sources: CBS, NBC, CNN

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  1. I think it would be absolutely insane to send everyone back to work right now. They say this thing hasn’t even peaked in the US yet. I’m upset that the gas station I work at hasn’t gone to fuel-only and card-only sales. They’re still handling cash and letting customers touch the coolers, ATM machine, lottery machine, and order points. If everyone doesn’t take it seriously, we won’t be able to get this thing under control fast enough to save the economy.

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