When the stay-at-home order will end

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Even though it’s been only a little over a month since the California stay-at-home order was signed (on March 19th), some people are demanding that the quarantine be lifted so they can go back to work and do the activities they enjoy.

It’s up to the governors of each state to make the determination as to when to lift the restrictions, but whether it’s safe to allow everyone to go back to business-as-usual is a different story. It’s unfortunate that some senators, and governors, mostly Republicans, are making this non-partisan issue political. A health issue has nothing to do with politics. It’s been shown, in the past and present, that the more people one comes in contact with, the faster diseases spread.

COVID-19 is extremely contagious and deadly. It affects people in different ways. Some people have headaches, a dry cough, throw-up, have extreme fatigue, trouble breathing, have a heart attack, end up with a stroke, can’t breathe on their own, and/or their organs shut down. This virus has killed both the young and old, the strong and weak, and the fit and frail.

Only when we have a safe and effective vaccine that can be available to everyone quickly; when masks, gowns, gloves, shields and other appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment) is on-hand and plentiful for anyone who wants it; when there are effective tests that anyone can get the day they want it with no longer than a 30 minute wait and those results are returned no later than the following day; when there are enough respirators, staff, and space to take care of the sick; and when those who recovered from COVID-19 are no longer contagious who show their government certificate that they can be in public spaces; will it be safe to resume being among others in public and private spaces. This is a lot, but it is doable, but it could take as little as five-months from now, which is most-likely too optimistic, to a more realistic time frame, to the second half of 2021.

Our military members leave their families six months or more at a time, live and work in unsafe conditions and in dangerous places, and are willing to lose their lives, and sustain lifelong mental and physical injuries to fight for our freedom. All you need to do is stay home. Do your part.


Sources: MSNBC, CNN


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