No such thing as stubborn fat. How to rid of it.

I can do this!

There’s no such thing as stubborn body fat. Your fat doesn’t have a mind of it’s own. It’s not resistant to change. Your fat isn’t stubborn, you are. While that may sound harsh, our mindset about what is necessary for weight loss is what’s needed to actually lose weight.

If you’re not willing to exercise more, and change your eating habits, you’re not going to lose body fat. Once you accept the fact that you are eating more calories than your body burns, that’s the first, and most crucial step, to losing weight.

The second step is to decide what you are going to do differently, permanently, in regards to what you eat. The changes should be on-going, because, if you make temporary changes, you’ll gain the weight back. Are you going to eat smaller portions? Are you going to omit certain foods? Are you going to limit yourself to eating between certain hours?

The third step is action. You need to follow through with what you decided to do. Give it time. Be consistent. If it doesn’t work, change your strategy. One effective approach is to log everything you eat and drink. Writing down what you are eating is a very simple tool, where you can see exactly what you’re eating on a daily basis*. You’ll realize that you’re not starving yourself. Maybe your meals are small, but the numerous snacks are what’s adding those pounds.

Even if you have a medical condition, which makes it harder to lose weight, you can still lose excess pounds, but it starts with the mind. You need to convince yourself that weight loss is possible and you can do it. Then, come up with a weight loss plan that you can adhere to, and execute that strategy.

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