Best way to watch YouTube Exercise videos

Since many gyms and exercise studios are closed, a lot of people are turning to YouTube exercise videos. You can watch YouTube on your computer, but if it’s set up like mine, attached to a bunch of cords, is really heavy, and I can’t move it that much, so it’s not ideal to exercise in front of.

The other option is to use a laptop, but I’d have to charge it and plug it in, so that’s not very convenient.

I could use our iPad and set it on a counter, but my husband is always using it. Another option is to watch it on a cell phone, and prop it up on it’s side.

A better option is to attach a cell phone to a tripod so you can move it easily and adjust the height. You can buy a cell phone tripod, fairly inexpensively, on-line.

The best option though, is to watch YouTube on your TV; you would just need a Smart TV,  Apple TV, Roku, FireTV stick, (or similar) where you can download the YouTube app. Or, you can switch from cable, or your current provider, to YouTube TV. That’s what we did. Changing from cable TV to YouTube TV saved a lot of money, and I now watch most of my exercise videos from YouTube, instead of CDs, and I’m really glad I made the switch.

Whatever you decide, do at least some sort of exercise an hour every day during the shelter-in-place orders, since we are all not moving around as much as before.

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