Should you take insulin?


Unless your doctor has diagnosed you with diabetes with a blood glucose test, there is no valid reason why you should take insulin. Like all medications, insulin has side effects.

It’s a danger to your health to take any medication if you don’t need it. When you take insulin your pancreas goes into sleep mode, because it doesn’t need to work if you’re adding synthetic insulin, and, sometimes, the pancreas doesn’t wake up. Insulin is a dangerous drug, so don’t use it unless you have to.

photo: In this era of conspiracy theories, and people, high in U.S. government positions, flat-out lying about serious issues that can hurt your health, it’s imperative to listen to the experts: doctors, scientists, and nurses. Think about what the politicians, and those who have a political, power, or financial agendas, are saying. Is it true? Does it make sense? Is there data to back it up? What do they gain from trying to convince you, the opposite of truth?

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