Have you fallen for this lie?

virus picture from CDC

Misinformation, alternative truths, misleading, misspoke, conspiracy theories, those are nicer words, for lies. The media needs to stop sugar-coating what some public officials and kooky doctors say. Call it what it is: lies. There are crazy people out there, those that have an agenda, and those that will do and say anything to keep their job, or to gain power or money.

People have a right to the truth because it affects personal and financial health. Lives are at stake. The Coronavirus is NOT a hoax. 150,000 US deaths and over 4 million cases of infection, are proof it’s real, and that doesn’t even include the numbers of dead or sick, around the world 🌎 Shut-downs are proof it’s real. Pandemics are real. Viruses are real. Fake news is dispensed through dark money to allow the wealthy and corrupt to get richer, and cover up their crimes.

For every person that refuses to wear a mask, this allows the virus to win and keep spreading. For every outing and every gathering, this keeps stores shut down, and increases the death toll. We are repeating the mistakes of the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic, which took over 50 million lives and lasted 2 years. Do your part so we can resume a life of travel, work, fun and dining. There is no “COVID cure” at this moment, and probably won’t be for a while, so we all need to wear masks 😷 , socialize electronically, and only go out for exercise, and essentials like food and medicine. This is what’s required to slow the spread. What you do, and don’t do, affects everyone.

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