Youtube mistakes (why you don’t have views, subscribers, and longer watch time)

Even though my blog is about health and fitness, I figured that some of you post YouTube videos, and would be interested in increasing your engagement. Below is my list of the 13 biggest mistakes that YouTubers make to explain why they aren’t getting enough views, subscribers or longer watch times. (Play the video above for all the details)

13 mistakes YouTubers make

#1. Thumbnails that are unprofessional, or don’t represent what’s in the video

#2. Demanding likes and subscriptions at the beginning of the video

#3. Not having an appropriate background

#4. Wearing offensive or distracting clothing

#5. Leaving in distractions, such as outside sounds, people, or pets

#6. Poor quality lighting

#7. Poor audio quality

#8. Speaking too quickly, or too slowly, or the pace of the video is off

#9. Not showing off your personality

#10. Not making the video entertaining

#11. Rambling

#12. Not providing enough information

#13. Neglecting to add a video, or a playlist, on the end-screen

Let me know if you agree, and if there are other YouTube mistakes you think I should have added to this list.

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