Hip & back pain relief (exercises)

Pain is caused by a myriad of reasons, but movement is one of the best things you can do to relieve pain.

This series of exercises help relieve back pain (follow in this order)

  1. step side-to-side
  2. alternating calf raises
  3. dynamic alternating soleus calf stretches
  4. butt kicks
  5. shoulder rolls
  6. arms swings
  7. hip cleaners
  8. arm circles
  9. side lying hip cleaners
  10. clamshells
  11. side plank with arm flow and hip lifts
  12. glute stretch
  13. lat stretch (stretches out the largest muscle in the back
  14. neck stretch

Watch and follow along with this hip and back exercise video; it’s a fun and easy way to get rid of pain, fast!

This gentle workout gets into those areas that are tight and cause agony.

You can do this workout daily, and is great short exercise video to follow along, first thing in the morning, and/or after long periods of sitting to re-activate those glute (butt and hip) muscles.

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