best calf exercises (you’ve never tried)

Here’s some calf exercises you may have never tried before. Variation is not only fun, but it surprises the body, and the end result is additional strength. Try the calf exercises below (in this order):

  1. prances
  2. single-leg calf raise
  3. bent-leg calf raise
  4. calf raises in 1st position (heels together, toes out at 45 degrees)
  5. toes together, heels out
  6. lunge & hop with a calf raise
  7. plie squats with calf raises
  8. sous-sous (it’s French)


I also created a calf video so you can watch how to perform these calf exercises, and follow along with me. It’s a short workout, and I bet there’s some calf exercises you’ve never tried before.

Let me know in the comments if you thought the exercises were easy, difficult, and/or which calf exercises were your favorites.

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