Balance exercise list (with videos)

These 12 balance exercises work the core and balance reflexes. Age doesn’t cause balance loss, inactivity does. You can improve balance at any age, but it takes time and frequent practice. I practice balance exercises of some kind, every day.

Have a chair handy; these exercises burn more calories than typical balance exercises, because they are challenging and they strengthen the hips, butt, low-back, abs, and your legs. I’ve also included a video of each of the exercises so you can work out with me.

12 challenging single-leg balance exercises
1 Hip cleaners
2 Standing alphabet
3 Leg swings
4 Hip hinge (hold 15-45 seconds)
5 Plie squat with heel lift and hold
6 Tree pose with leg extension
7 Single leg deadlifts
8 Side leg lifts with a kick
9 Skater squats
10 Standing quad stretch
11 Standing figure four stretch
12 Bird-dog
Best 12 balance exercises

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