How to get off the floor (safely)

For anyone who has trouble getting up and down, and on and off the floor safely. Watch this video, or share it with that person. I’ve outlined the steps below also.

Follow the 10 steps below to get off the floor safely:

1. from a sitting position, shift both legs to one side

2. with your hands flat on the floor, shift the hip that is on the ground, upwards

3. pull your knees center, in line with your torso, to be on all fours

4. bring your stronger leg in front of your, in a lunge position, with that foot flat on the floor

5. flex the back foot, the one that is behind you, so the toes are pressing into the floor

6. place the hand that is closing to the leg in front of your, on the middle of that leg

7. bring your torso upwards, with a slight lean forwards

8. bring the opposite arm out to the side, the one that is not holding the front of the leg

9. stand up by pushing through the back toes and the front heel

10. push off that back foot with those toes to stand up

The video above shows a few different options on how to get off the floor without falling and using your legs instead of your arms. I also go in detail on how to lower safely, and how to get up after doing ab exercises easily.

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