Build strong TRICEPS at home

(includes push-up tutorial)

One of the most common questions women ask me is how to get rid of arm fat, arm flab, and how to tone and tighten the back of the arms (the triceps). While losing excess fat is part of the solution, you can strengthen the back of the arms, which will give it sexy, curvy, muscle definition, and reduce that flab.

dumbbell floor press in a bridge

You don’t need a gym membership or need expensive exercise equipment; you can gain strength with:

  • triceps kickbacks
  • overhead triceps extensions
  • dumbbell or kettlebell floor presses
  • bodyweight push-ups

Out of those four exercises, push-ups would be the superior exercise in terms of calorie burn and strength. Everyone should be able to do push-ups with modifications. For instance, you can start with push-ups on the kitchen counter, then progress to the back of the couch. After a while, you’ll be able to do push-ups on a bench, and then be able to do push-ups on the floor.

New clients have told me they cannot do push-ups because it hurts their shoulders, but that’s because their hands are too high, too wide, and their elbows are flaring out to the sides. You want to keep your hands down and close to your ribs, with your elbows tucked to your side.

You want to start your push up in a plank position. The same rules apply for elevated push-ups where you are not on the floor: squeeze your butt and have your hands in line with your shoulders.


The bottom of the push-up is where you want to go as low as you can. The goal is to touch your chest to the floor without arching your back.

To make it easier to visualize, I created a video of these exercises with detailed explanations, along with variations. Just click play on the YouTube video below.

Like all exercises, the one-and-done expression does not produce results. To gain strength, you want to work those muscles twice a week. Give yourself two full days off to rest. To track your progress, order Weightlifting Record book from the Amazon link below, to record your exercises, reps, sets and days you exercised

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