low back exercises for strength & injury prevention

Low back pain is excruciating and can be debilitating. Using proper form when lifting, such as using your legs instead of your back to pick up children or objects, will help alleviate strain on your back. Performing ab exercises can cause back pain if your abs get tired and your back takes over; and twisting can cause your back to “go out.”

To prevent, or reduce, the chances of back pain, it’s essential to strengthen the entire core, not just the abs. Below I’ve outlined exercises specifically to strengthen the lower back.

  • Hip-hinge
  • Double leg kettlebell deadlifts
  • Single leg kettlebell deadlifts
  • Bodyweight single leg deadlifts
  • Prone single leg lifts
  • Prone double leg lifts
  • Prone Swiss ball leg lifts
  • Bird-dogs
  • Elbow planks

I also created a video for you to watch how these exercises are done with correct form so you don’t injury yourself.

Try a few of these exercises once or twice a week to keep your lower back strong. For abdominal, oblique and additional low back exercises, watch these planks variations in the video here.

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