how to get stronger hamstrings (home hamstring curls)

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I haven’t been to the gym since April and I don’t plan return to any gym until I feel safe, but I’m not putting my weight training on hold because I want sexy thighs and a cute, lifted butt. One of the machines that I don’t have in my home gym is the lying leg curl machine (or the seated leg curl machine).  While I do many deadlift, Swiss ball hamstring curl, and bridge variations, I worry I’ll lose some strength gains without some sort of hamstring curl cable challenge, so I came up with this lying leg curl hack for home use:

use a resistance band with ankle straps wrapped around a strong immovable object and climb onto a Swiss ball. This combination closely resembles a lying hamstring curl machine.

I perform 3 sets of 10-20 reps of these lying hamstring curls with the resistance bands with the ankle straps and my Swiss ball, once a week to gain hamstring strength. Two days later I’ll do hamstrings-specific exercises again, but a different type of hamstring exercise, like deadlifts, since I don’t want to do the exact same exercises more than once a week for two reasons: variety is key to making exercise fun and for strength gains.

Watch the video below to see the set up and tips. I have TheFitLife Exercise Resistance Bands with Handles, which includes 5 Fitness Workout Bands, Training Tubes with Large Handles, Ankle Straps, Door Anchor Attachment, Carry Bag. Last time I checked, it’s under $25. Here’s the link to Amazon if you want to check it out:

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