TRX intermediate/advanced workout (unique exercises)

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When I worked at a gym as a fitness trainer, which was right before the gyms were forced to close due to COVID-19, I taught my clients how to lift weights, use the machines, various mobility exercises, proper stretching techniques, and how to perform lots of exercises on the TRX. I even taught TRX group classes. All my clients, of all ages, loved the TRX. Some of my clients asked if they could do their entire lesson on the TRX.

The TRX is an inexpensive piece of equipment that can be used anywhere, at the park, or inside your home. With no more access to the gym, I purchased a TRX for myself. One of my clients wanted a TRX virtual training session that she can do at home, so I made a TRX YouTube video that anyone with a TRX can watch and workout to, at their convenience.

balance & core

TRX lateral kick
knee tuck (abs)

TRX Exercises

inner thigh and glutes

TRX lateral lunge


TRX pendulum swings with an oblique crunch

Most of the exercises in the TRX exercise video I created (some of the exercises are shown in the photos above) require good balance and a substantial amount of strength, they are also quite challenging, so I would categorize this as an intermediate/advanced workout. Since repetition is boring, and our minds and muscles need new stimulus, variation is important. A lot of these TRX exercises, listed below and in my recent TRX video, may be new to you.

Below is a list of challenging exercises, for a total body workout, in order:

  • TRX squats with heels raised the entire time
  • Static lunges with heels raised the entire time
  • Figure four squats
  • Single leg push-ups (one foot in the foot strap)
  • Spider man push-ups (one foot in the foot strap, then switch feet)
  • High rows
  • Hamstring curls
  • Long-leg bridge hold
  • Diamond push-ups with one foot in the foot strap
  • Curtsey lunge with a lateral kick
  • Squat and reach with heel raises
  • Squat and toe touch
  • Rows
  • Scarecrows
  • Side plank with hip lifts (switch sides)
  • RKC (front) plank
  • TRX Knee tucks
  • TRX pendulum swings with an oblique crunch

Stretches: pectoral (chest) stretch, quad (thigh) stretch, hamstring stretch, figure-four glute (butt) stretch, inner thigh butterfly stretch

You can order a TRX from  (I have the home version $184.95). I don’t recommend a TRX knockoff because those don’t last as long, they shred and tear, and the straps don’t move up and down as smoothly as the TRX does. 

Grab a glass of water and exercise with me to this total body follow-along YouTube TRX intermediate/advanced workout, by pressing the play button below:

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