Walking carb-burning workout for diabetics (5000 steps)

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In this walking, cardio workout (scroll down to video below), you’ll burn carbs and bodyfat. If you stick around to the end, you’ll have walked 5000 steps! Eating a healthy diet usually isn’t enough to manage blood sugar for diabetics, especially for type-1 diabetics like myself (actually, I’m a type 1.5 diabetic because I was diagnosed with diabetes as an adult).

For blood sugar management, choosing healthy carbs, like beans, berries, and veggies instead of pasta, pizza, and French fries, makes a huge difference in how high blood sugar will go. Type II diabetics can usually lower their blood sugar levels by cutting down or removing all animal protein and eating whole foods.

For type-1 diabetics, eating healthier helps blood sugar control, but carbohydrate portion size is a must. Type-1 diabetics must measure carbs and eat a lower carbohydrate diet to keep blood sugar levels in a more stable range. Exercise will help lower blood sugar, and may reduce the amount of mediation you need to take (that’s what happed to me…a good thing).

This workout is designed for diabetics, but all are welcome. It’s not too intense, so most people can do this workout to lower blood glucose and lose excess bodyfat. Go at your own pace. If you feel dizzy, or pain, stop right away.

If you’re a diabetic, test your blood sugar BEFORE you work out, not right after. Blood sugar readings right after exercising is INACCURATE. You want to see what your blood sugar reading is before exercising to find out if it’s low or high. If your blood sugar is low, eat some fruit, since sustained exercise drops blood sugar levels (even in non-diabetics).

I’m in the process of writing a book specifically for Type-1 diabetics, so subscribe to my YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5TKWxKKl1IRfTZsVgS0ziA to get notified as soon as it’s available in 2021. I have other published books, too. One book, my personal story, is called The High-Five Diet. This book is about growing up with severe food allergies, getting diagnosed as a type 1.5 diabetic at 30, how I had to completely change my diet, the crazy stuff I tried, and how I managed to stabilize my blood sugar and my weight. Go to www.thehighfivediet.com to check it out.

Let me know if you have any questions, I love helping others, it’s my passion.


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