Full body workout for seniors (for strength, balance & flexibility)

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In this full body workout (see video towards the bottom of this post), specifically designed for seniors, or for those individuals who need to re-gain strength, all that’s needed is a sturdy chair, and a soft surface like a mat or cushy carpet. If you have light dumbbells and/or ankle weights, grab them too, but you can use your bodyweight for resistance like I am here.

In this head-to-toe, follow-along workout, my mom has joined us virtually (she’s in her 70’s). Mom keeps fit by walking, gardening, and strength training with me, twice a week on-line. I used to train her at the gym where I worked before COVID-19, but that didn’t stop us from exercising, or from making our health a priority (we just needed to make changes and be creative).

Here’s a list of the exercises we did together, in order:

  1. Warm-up with prances & parallel calf raises
  2. Single-leg kickstand squats
  3. Side leg lifts
  4. Kickbacks aka donkey kicks
  5. Single-leg deadlifts
  6. Seated single leg extensions
  7. Calf raises
  8. Elevated narrow push-ups on a chair (to target the triceps)
  9. Bent-over rear flyes
  10. Scarecrows
  11. Pec dec press
  12. Shoulder press
  13. Standing lateral shoulder raises with a clap at the top
  14. Single leg balance spelling out the alphabet from A-G
  15. Seated bent-knee lifts (to target the lower abs)
  16. Seated or standing oblique crunches (to target the side abs)
  17. Seated cat-cow
  18. Seated glute stretch
  19. Seated and standing hamstring stretch
  20. Seated and standing quadriceps stretch
  21. Calf stretch
  22. Inner thigh stretch (butterfly pose)

To watch this workout, play the YouTube video below.

Let me and mom know if you joined us in the workout and if you liked it, because it was a lot of fun to film it, and we’d like to make more of these for you to enjoy and get fit with us.

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