3-minute butt-burner band workout (lift and tone your glutes)

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In this short glute workout, that’s under 3 minutes, designed by Bret Contreras, aka the Glute Guy, follow along with me for a quick butt-lifting, booty-burning workout.

There are five exercises, performed for 30 seconds, with a minimal break in between each exercise for an incredible butt-endurance mini workout. All you need is a mat, a chair and an elastic band designed to go around the thighs.

Here are the exercises, in order:

1. lateral band walk

2. kick back

3. banded seated hip abduction

4. elbow plank with a continuous butt squeeze

5. glute bridge pumps for 30 seconds + 10-30 second hold

Let me know if your butt was on fire at the end of this 2-minute and 40-second glute workout, and if you liked this video.

Play the YouTube video below to follow along with me in this short, fun workout:

Below is the link to Bret’s 11-minute and 45 second video on this topic if you would like to know why he thinks this short workout is so effective:

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