yoga flow for inflexible beginners (30-minute flexibility routine)

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Even though I’ve been practicing yoga for over 20 years, I still can’t touch my toes. You don’t have to be flexible, or good at yoga, to practice it and enjoy it. My favorite yoga teacher, Susan McCrea, who has been instructing yoga for over 45 years, agreed to a virtual yoga session, and share it with you.

“After graduating from UCSD, McCrea went on to become a professional dancer, moving to Los Angeles when she was 28 years old. Not long after arriving in LA, she landed her first gig as a dancer in “Perfect,” a movie starring John Travolta and Jamie Lee Curtis.” She formed a dance group, Dangerous Curves, and toured around the world (1). Susan McCrea was also a trainer for athletic teams (1).

How long does it take to become flexible?

Susan McCrea continues to teach yoga and dance classes in her 60’s. Yogi Susan was a professional dancer and told me that she too, wasn’t able to touch her toes, and, when she was younger, she was going to be kicked out of a dance program due to her inflexibility, so she practiced yoga 45 minutes, five times a week, and was able to touch her toes, and also become flexible, throughout her body in about a year. It takes time (a long time for some), and consistency to achieve flexibility. I found Susan’s story motivational, so I’ve started practicing yoga daily, to see if I can become more flexible, since tightness can lead to pain and injuries.

Join us, by playing the yoga workout below, designed and narrated by Susan, for a 30-minute yoga flow. This beginner yoga session was specifically tailored for people like me, who aren’t flexible.

Let me know how you felt after the workout, if you liked it, if it was easy or difficult, and if you prefer longer or shorter yoga classes.

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P.S. Normally I practice yoga in bare feet, but it was cold outside when this video was filmed, and I wanted to keep by feet and toes warm, so I’m wore compression toe socks that I purchased online from:

(order a size up).

(1). Source:

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