10-minute low-impact cardio workout (with 80’s dance music)

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This 10-minute low-impact cardio workout, with music that’s reminiscent of the 80’s, starts with a warm-up, and then progresses to exercises that use more energy, strength and balance, so you are burning more calories and building more muscle in a short amount of time. The exercises are 30-seconds each, with marches between the different exercises. You don’t have to jump up and down to do cardio.

Your blood sugar will lower after your heart rate comes back down to normal, and your body is cooled down. Cardio workouts like these are effective at burning more body fat, since it’s intense and uses multiple muscle groups.

Go at your own pace, and at your level. Building strength and stamina takes consistency and time. You can march in place any time your heart rate gets too elevated, or you’re out of breath, or if any of the exercises are too challenging for you.

Here are some of the best low-impact cardiovascular/strength exercises (no jumping), in order:

1. side-steps (warm-up)

2. arm swings, forwards and backwards

3. knee-drives

knee drives

4. walkout, plank, push-up, walk back up, clap overhead. Repeat 1-2 more times

5. plank, knee-to-chest, kick leg up and back for a 3-legged dog pose

three-legged dog pose

6. kneeling hip thrusts

kneeling hip-thrusts

7. side plank, push up, side plank (repeat)

8. alternating front kicks & punches

9. bodyweight deadlifts

bodyweight deadlifts

10. side hip-lifts

11. alternating, standing quad stretch and hamstring stretch*

standing quad stretch

12. figure-four stretch (*hold onto a chair if you don’t have good balance)

standing figure-four glute stretch

Click the play button below to start the workout (let me know what you think of the 80’s-style music):

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