underbutt glute bridge workout (target the butt: gluteus maximus)

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In this glute bridge workout, we are targeting the gluteus maximus to strengthen and grow the butt. If you’re looking for a defined underbutt, that crease under your butt with a nice butt lift, this workout is for you. Here are the exercises in this exercise video:

1. glute bridge

glute bridge

2. alternating glute march

glute march

3. frog pump

frog pump bridge

4. single leg glute march

single leg glute march

5. B-stance glute bridge

B-stance glute bridge

6. single leg glute bridge

single leg glute bridge

7. figure-four glute bridge

figure-four glute bridge

Glute stretches

glute stretch with hand behind the calf
glute stretch with hands interlaced in front of shin
inner thigh and hip stretch: butterfly pose

If you want to get rid of the butt banana roll, exercise will help, but that extra fat won’t go away unless you address it with diet. An excellent way to lose excess fat and to improve your health is to lower your saturated fat intake. One way to do that is to exclude dairy. That means no milk, ice cream, butter, or cheese. I follow a dairy-free diet. If you’re interested in trying my dairy-free diet program, order your copy of my book at http://www.thehighfivediet.com

Play the YouTube glute-bridge workout below by clicking the play button. I created this routine to target the gluteus maximus (and it works the abs too).

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7 best glute exercises to target the glute max

  1. double leg glute bridge
  2. frog pump
  3. glute march
  4. single leg glute march
  5. single leg glue bridge
  6. figure-four glute bridge
  7. B-stance glute bridge

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