5-minute low-impact power walk (to boost energy)

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Walking is an easy way to lower blood sugar, burn calories, lower cholesterol, improve your mood and elevate your heart rate.

I created a quick five-minute, fast-paced, low-impact walking workout to raise your heart rate, and give you an immediate energy boost. There are 10 exercises, in addition to a short warm-up, in 30 second rounds. Here are the exercises, in order:

warm-up: march in place

1. imaginary jump rope

2. walk side-to-side with pec dec press

3. wide march with alternating upper cuts

4. walk side-to-side with lateral-to-front raises

5. walk forward two steps, knee raise, walk backwards two steps with a knee raise

6. wide march with triceps kickbacks + narrow march with shoulder press

7. narrow march with knee twists

8. calf raise with a shoulder press, with a wide march

9. alternating punches with a reverse tap

10. butt-kicks with heel taps

The workout ends with a brief quad stretch and a hamstring stretch.

Answers to frequently asked questions about walking can be found below the walking workout video.

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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Is power walking a good workout? Power walking is considered a good workout because it requires more energy than a standard walk, because power walking is fast-paced, and you’ll burn more calories.

Can you lose weight with power walking at home? You can lose weight and drop pounds and inches with power walking if done consistently. If you walk just once a week, you won’t see any weight loss, but you may see some strength gains. If you power walk twice a week, you may see some weight loss, but not much. You’ll see the most weight loss and strength benefits of power walking if you perform power walking at least 30-minutes three to five times per week.

How many times a week should I power walk? If you don’t perform any other forms of exercise, you should perform at least 30-minutes of power walking, six days a week

What are good workout videos on YouTube? There’s lots of good workout videos on YouTube that you don’t have to pay a fee to see, but it would depend on what type of workouts you like to do. If you like a slow-paced beginner yoga flow, follow Yoga with Adriene. If you like low-impact, fairly easy walking videos, check out Walk at Home. If you like ballet, Kathryn Morgan has ballet videos for all levels. If you like to be surprised with a variety of workouts, from glute workouts, TRX, barre, plyometric, TheraBand, kettlebell, to weight lifting, for at all levels of fitness, check out Nina’s Nutrition and Exercise videos

What are the best indoor walking weight loss workout videos? Leslie Sansone with Walk at Home has the best indoor walking videos because they are easy to follow, are mostly low-impact, and almost everyone at any age can follow them. If you like high energy walks with some dance moves, you can find Get Fit With Rick on YouTube. Another mention is, Nina’s Nutrition and Exercise Videos, which can also be found on YouTube, at no charge. She is a certified personal trainer, and strength and fitness coach, with a certification in fitness nutrition. She presently has two low-impact, walking workouts to music, one is a 5-minute power-walk, and the other is a 30-minute walking workout with the option of adding light hand weights. She has videos on weight loss, yoga, weight lifting, how to manage diabetes, nutrition, healthy recipes, and workouts for every body part on her YouTube channel.

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