upper body light weights workout (how to tone arms, triceps, biceps, chest & back)

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If you want toned arms, a beautiful chest pump, strong rounded shoulders, and a no-fat back, no amount of cardio will help these areas; what you need is weight training. You don’t need heavy weights to strengthen your muscles, but you do need to challenge your body with twice-weekly weightlifting exercises, to keep your bones and muscles from deteriorating.

I created an upper body workout, where all you need is light weights. This follow-along workout is for all levels (newbies, intermediate and even advanced) because the exercises aren’t complicated, and you pick the weights.

If you’re new to weightlifting, 3-pound and 5-pound weights will suffice, for now.

If you’ve been weightlifting for 6 months consistently, 5-pound and 8-pound weights will work great.

If you’re an experienced weightlifter, have three sets of weights available for different body parts, and for drops sets. You’ll want 8-pound weights, 10-pound weights and 12-pound weights.

Here are the exercises in this workout, in order:

  1. walking warm up with bodyweight chest press and shoulder presses
walking warm-up with bodyweight chest press

2. bridge with dumbbell chest press

bridge with dumbbell chest press

3. kneeling dumbbell rows

4. bridge with dumbbell chest flys

5. dumbbell plank rows

dumbbell plank rows

6. bridge with dumbbell fly and press

7. kneeling dumbbell triceps extensions

8. dumbbell hammer curls & bent-arm lateral raise

9. dumbbell scarecrows

beginning position of dumbbell scarecrows

10. dumbbell shoulder press

kneeling shoulder press

11. dumbbell hammer curl, bent-arm lateral raise, scarecrow, shoulder press combination

12. bird-dog

bird-dog pose

Stretches: triceps stretch, chest stretch, biceps stretch, latissimus stretch

Play the upper body workout below to strengthen your triceps, back, chest, biceps and core muscles.

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