side butt butt workout (gluteus medius) to get rid of hip dips

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This side butt workout is designed to strengthen the glute medius and reduce the appearance of hip dips, where there is an indentation on your hips.

All you need for this workout is a mat and a glute band, what I refer to as a “booty band.”

Here are the exercises that target the hips/side-butt, in order:

  • 20 side steps (this your warmup)
  • 10 mini squats with side leg lifts
  • 10 hip cleaners
  • 10 leg lifts to the back at a 45-degree angle, each side
  • 10 clamshells, each side
  • 10 side-lying hip raises with a kick, each side
  • 10 seated banded hip abduction
  • 10 side-lying leg raises, toe up, each side
  • 10 supine banded hip abductions
  • End with a glute stretch

The appearance of hip dips is largely determined by your anatomy, your genes, but you can add volume to that area by adding muscle and/or fat. You can add exercises that strengthen the glute medius (what people sometimes refer to the side butt) to build muscle onto your gluteus medius (although, you’re most likely adding muscle to all areas of your glutes since exercise works multiple muscles).

The thinner you are, the more likely you’ll see hip dips, but the good news is that most guys don’t even notice hip dips. Just focus on getting stronger and being the healthiest you can.

One way to improve your health and reduce excess bodyfat, is to reduce saturated fat intake by limiting or eliminating dairy, meat, chicken, fish and oils. If that’s something you’re interested in, stay tuned for the 2nd edition of my book The High-Five Diet, coming soon.

Click the play button on the YouTube video below to start the 15 minute workout.

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