Cardio HIIT abs (all-in-one)

I combined an intense cardio HIIT session with an ab workout, into a quick 20-minute routine. Scroll down to start the YouTube workout now.

Your abs, core, heart, low back and shoulders are getting strengthening moves in this follow-along video.  We go from standing exercises to floor exercises, because when you go up and down off the floor, it’s harder and more cardiovascular, so you’re burning more calories.

I’ve chosen exercises that are gentler for those that have weaker abs and/or low-back pain.

If you have knee pain, or knee issues, keep feet on the ground during the jumping exercises.

There are 16 different exercises, all performed for 30 seconds. I’ve also included a warm-up and stretches at the end.

Here is the list of (cardio-abs) cardio and abdominal exercises, in order:

  1. Standing alternating knee lifts with circle-eight arms (warm-up)
  2. Plank with alternating hand taps to the front of the hips, with hand taps to the side hips/side butt
  3. Wacky jacks
  4. Bear crawl
  5. Front kicks with a flexed foot
  6. Plank with alternating toe taps
  7. Jump rope
  8. Rocking plank
  9. Fast feet
  10. Mountain climbers
  11. Standing ab crunches
  12. Side plank with elbow to knee
  13. 2 alternating repeater knees
  14. Elbow side plank with an oblique twist by bringing the elbow towards the floor
  15. Bird-dog
  16. Prone leg lifts, singles, then doubles

Stand and stretch

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