Reverse lupus, autoimmune conditions: diabetes 1.5, EM, Raynaud’s, Long-COVID

Diseases and autoimmune conditions can often be reversed by changing one’s lifestyle, like exercising, being a healthy weight, reducing stress and eating a diet of primarily plant-based foods.

Doctors are taught very little about nutrition in school, so they either give no nutrition counseling, or incorrect nutrition information to their patients, which makes their patents sicker. That’s what happened to me.

After being diagnosed as a Type-1.5 diabetic in my 30’s, I followed the insulin and diet protocol my doctor gave me. I was eating skinless chicken breasts and fish. I reduced my carbohydrate intake from fruits and grains. I ate more fats, like avocado, and nuts, which made me more insulin resistant; and I ended up with two additional autoimmune conditions: erythromelalgia and Raynaud’s.

I decided to do the unthinkable, I decided to do the exact opposite of what my doctor recommended. I started eating more fruit, potatoes, and grains. I stopped eating chicken, pork, beef and fish. I reduced the total amount of protein I ate every day. I added more cardio and I stopped taking insulin to see if my remaining working beta cells would use the limited amount of insulin I was producing, efficiently.

To my surprise, my insulin sensitivity improved. The painful burning symptoms of erythromelalgia went away. The swelling in my fingers and toes from Raynaud’s went away completely. My stomach bloating was no longer a daily occurrence, and I lost the excess bodyfat I had struggled to lose for 20 years.

If you stop eating inflammatory foods like animal foods, and dairy, and replace them with alkalizing foods like greens, beans, fruit and vegetables, your body becomes more efficient at burning fat, managing blood sugars, and gets to work at healing you. By revamping your diet, it’s possible to reverse conditions, such as cancer, Type-1.5 diabetes, lupus, EM, Raynaud’s, Long-haul COVID, acne and other skin conditions, multiple sclerosis, and many others.

This weight loss and wellness system eliminates dairy, limits processed foods, with a focus on plants and nutrients. I’ve combined my training background, my clients successes, along with the best plant-based diet programs, into one book, so you have everything you need to lose bodyfat and regain your health.

Order your copy of the High-Five Diet to read my story, try my recipes, and starting using nutrition as a preventative measure, and to reverse the medical conditions that impair your life.

Can autoimmune conditions be reversed or cured with dietary changes? Most diseases and autoimmune conditions can be reversed by eliminating foods that make us sick, like dairy, meat, chicken, eggs and fish, which are highly acidic, full of hormones, saturated fat and bacteria. Can Cancer be cured with diet? Yes, you can reverse cancer, by avoiding all animal foods, which trigger cancer, and eating vegetables, fruits, and greens. Can diabetes be cured with diet? You can reverse Type-2 diabetes and obesity, and possibly even Type 1.5 diabetes which dietary changes, by reducing excess protein and fat. Can long COVID be cured with diet? You can get rid of long-COVID by avoiding foods, like dairy which contain pus, estrogens and too much calcium, that prevent your body from healing. Can lupus be reversed? You can reverse lupus by going vegan, by adding omega 3 seeds like chia and ground flax, upping your water intake, and eating raw greens and raw vegetables. Most medical conditions can be reversed, or, at least lessened, by getting rid of the toxic “foods,” like alcohol, animal flesh, dairy, and eating an abundance of plants instead.

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