Wall-sit workout | 7 variations | cardio + strength

written by Nina Shantel, RealDietHelp.com, published October 5, 2021

A wall-sit is an exercise that strengthens the core and the legs (specifically the quadriceps, the large muscles on the front of the legs). It’s an exercise that can be performed by all levels and ages. Another benefit to a wall-sit is that it is a good exercise for those with knee pain because there’s little pressure on the knees, the knees never bend more than ninety degrees, and you can adjust the amount of bend in the knees by sliding up higher or lower on a wall.

In this wall-sit workout, I’ve combined low-impact cardio marches with strength, to keep the heart rate up, and to burn more carbs (which lowers blood sugar) and calories (which helps with fat loss).

Each wall-sit is held for 30 seconds, followed by marching in place. The workout starts with a basic wall-sit and progresses with more difficult exercises by adding a resistance band, movement, a yoga block, and weights. These progressions will enable you to hold a wall-sit longer and gain strength.

You can perform this workout once a week for four weeks straight. After that, you can add time, instead of 30 seconds, shoot for 45 or 60 seconds, or you can add a tighter glute band and/or heaver weights, or go lower in your wall-sit.

The exercises are listed below in order. Watch the video for form and to start this short workout.

The first wall sit, is sitting against a wall at 90 degrees for 30 seconds.

For The second wall-sit, a glute band is added.

For the third wall-sit, external (abduction) pulses are added with the glute band.

For the fourth wall-sit, the glute band is ditched for a soft yoga block which Is placed in between the thighs for an Inner thigh workout.

For the fifth wall-sit, one dumbbell Is placed on top of the thighs.

For the sixth wall-sit, 2 dumbbells are placed in each hand and held by the sides for 30 seconds.

For the seventh wall-sit, the dumbbells are put aside, and single-leg extensions are held for 15 seconds, each leg.

Stretches: glute stretch, quad stretch, hamstring stretch, butterfly pose (inner thigh stretch)

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