Plié Workout (beginner ballet workout)

written by Nina Shantel,, published November 19, 2021

Ballet is really challenging, which is why, if you’re a beginner, it’s hard to find ballet classes that don’t frustrate or trip you. In this beginner ballet workout, we focus on plies, and then add some arm movements at the end. It’s easy to follow, fun, and will still get your heart pumping and those legs and arms moving.

Below is a list of the exercises in this 15-minute beginner plie ballet workout, in order:

  • prances (warm-up)
  • hip rotations, also called hip cleaners or figure-eight’s (warm-up)
  • leg swings (warm-up)
  • 1st position plie squats, heels together, toes out. Two-sets of eight reps.
  • 2nd position plie squats (see video for form)
  • grand plie squat (don’t go too low and hold onto a chair, ballet barre or counter)
  • 1st position plie with calf raises
  • 2nd position plie, moving side to side
  • grand plie. 4 reps
  • 1st position plie with arms moving to the side, overhead, and back in front (like a front raise)
  • 2nd position with swan arms
  • grand plie. 8 reps

Stretches: calf stretch, quad stretch, figure-4 stretch, hamstring stretch

Press play to start the video from YouTube below:

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