Pumpkin Protein Powder Review

written by Nina Shantel, RealDietHelp.com, published November 30, 2021

I found a vegan protein powder that looked promising because it’s low in fat, with zero grams of fat; doesn’t contain probiotics, sugar, synthetic flavors, and contains only one ingredient, pumpkin seeds. It’s certified organic and low in carbohydrates…zero net carbs!

This pumpkin seed protein powder, when added to a fruit smoothie is barely noticeable, and adds a touch of creaminess, thickening and sweetness. The brand is Probase Nutrition’s unflavored Organic Pumpkin Seed Protein Powder. It’s currently $24.65 for a one-pound bag from Amazon. I was really happy with how it improves my smoothies, but was surprised when my blood sugars raised about 30 points after I added this protein powder to my fruit smoothies.

Even though this protein powder contains zero net carbohydrates, it’s not just carbs that can make a person’s blood sugar rise. Excess protein, fat, and processed foods can elevate blood sugars. What can make one person’s blood sugar go up, even if both people are diabetic, is sometimes dependent on how that person reacts to certain foods.

Even though I love the way this protein powder tastes and makes my fruit smoothies even more delicious, I won’t be using it again because it raises by blood glucose levels; since I’m a Type 1.5 diabetic, I have to chose foods that stabilize my blood sugar levels. Instead, I’ll continue using Complement Protein powder, which is a lot more expensive at $59.00 a bag, does contain pumpkin seeds, but also includes chia seeds, sunflower seeds, yellow peas and almonds, which doesn’t taste as good, but it doesn’t affect my blood sugars negatively.

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