Exercise workout for kids 4-9 (learn the alphabet & new words)

written by Nina Shantel, RealDietHelp.com, published December 14, 2021

This lesson is designed for children to enjoy exercise, while working on balance and strength. I also constructed it so youth can learn new words, how to spell these one-hundred and four words correctly, discover what foods are healthy, and realize what constitutes good qualities in a person. (Before I was a fitness trainer, I taught high school English).

In this lesson, we create the letters of the alphabet, in order, with our legs with capital letters. With each corresponding letter, I list a healthy food. For example: A = apple, B = berries

Below is a list of healthy foods, from A-Z shown in the video:

A: apples

B: berries

C: carrots

D: dates

E: eggplant

F: fruit

G: garlic

H: herbs

I: iceberg lettuce

J: jackfruit

K: Kale

L: lemon

M: mushrooms

N: natto (fermented soybeans)

O: onions

P: pepitas

Q: quinoa (a grain)

R: radicchio (a leafy vegetable)

S: squash

T: tofu

U: ugli fruit

V: vegetables

W: walnuts

X: Xinomavro grapes (from Greece)

Y: yams

Z: zucchini

Below are words that represent good qualities in a person, from A-Z, discussed in the video.

A: authentic

B: bright

C: creative

D: determined

E: energetic

F: fun

G: generous

H: happy

I: intelligent

J: joyful

K: kind

L: loving

M: mindful

N: nice

O: open-minded

P: positive

Q: quirky

R: radiant (sunny disposition)

S: strong

T: tenacious (one who completes tasks and accomplishes goals)

U: unique

V: vivacious

W: wise

X: xenial (friendly to strangers and foreigners)

Y: youthful

Z: zealous (dedicated to complete tasks)

Click the play button on the video below to start this short 6-minute workout (it’s a great balance exercise for adults too).

Please share this video with moms and dads who have children between the ages of four to nine years old. Kids will learn that vegetables and fruits are healthy, and the video provides information to improve confidence and promote individualism.

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