slim Santa low-impact Christmas cardio workout (so cute and fun)

written by Nina Shantel,, published December 21, 2021

This slim Santa, Christmas cardio-themed, eighteen minute workout will get you into the holiday spirit. A simple and basic low-impact workout with Christmas music has never before been so enjoyable.

Each exercise is performed for 30 seconds. All but one, climbing up the chimney with mountain climbers, are standing up. These exercises are for all ages, and is sure to get your heart pumping, and put a smile on your face with these fun and funny moves.

Modify the intensity and movements based on your abilities and how you feel. All exercise involves risk. You assume all risks of injury, so go at your level and enjoy the workout.

Below is a list of exercises shown in the video:

make it snow exercise march
  1. March and rub hands together to warm up
  2. Remove holiday sweater
  3. Shovel snow and drum like the little drummer boy
  4. Put on snow boots
  5. Push away alcohol
  6. Snowball throw
  7. Kick off snow boots
  8. Shovel snow
  9. March through the snow
  10. Star bright
  11. Ice skate
  12. Snowball fight
  13. Stomp off snow
  14. Candy cane push away
  15. Kicking snowballs
  16. Punch the grinch
  17. Holiday spirit march
  18. Eggnog push away
  19. Ski moguls
  20. Duck snowballs
  21. Make it snow march
  22. Snow angels
  23. Tip toe
  24. Prance
  25. Kick off snow
  26. Climb up the chimney
  27. Holiday happy dance

Click the play button on this YouTube video to start the workout. You can find all my videos and subscribe to my YouTube video by searching on YouTube with Nina’s Nutrition and Exercise Videos.

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