elastic mini-band workout for hips & butt with music

written by Nina Shantel, RealDietHelp.com, published January 4, 2022

This workout focus is glute and hip exercises with a mini resistance band

45 degree tap back also called banded cha-cha

Weak hips and medial glutes are common in women and men of all ages, which can cause pain, imbalances, inactivity, and injuries. Simple and easy exercises with the addition of a glute band, also referred to as a resistance band, can be done at home.

Above: foot-elevated bridges on an exercise ball. Below: banded hip thrusts on a Swiss ball.

You can perform glute exercises three times a week with a day off in between (example: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays). You can either print out the list below, or play the video I created with music, just follow along. Most exercises are performed for 30 seconds, with a few at the end, with 15 repetitions.

Below is a list of exercises shown in the video:

1. Standing abductions (you can do these seated too)

2. Step-back (hold onto chair for balance)

3. Side-step

4. Donkey kicks (hold onto chair)

5. Monster walks

6. Glute bridges

7. Banded cha-cha (45-degree step backs)

8. Hip thrust on a Swiss ball or edge of couch

9. Tap front, tap side, tap 45 degrees back, repeat

10. Glute bridge with feet on a chair or couch

11. Fire hydrants

12. Prone leg lifts on all fours

13. Side leg-lifts (move band closer to hips)

Cool-down stretches: Figure-four seated glute stretch Glute stretch (lay on your back) Cobbler’s pose (inner thigh and hip flexibility stretch)

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