Hemp milk recipe (why you want to make your own plant milk)

Making vegan plant milk is easy, takes only a few minutes to make, and you can drink it immediately.

Homemade vegan milk tastes better than the almond milk and other plant milks at the store and doesn’t contain ingredients I don’t want, like gum thickeners, excess salt, and synthetic vitamins (watch video below as to why I don’t want these ingredients in my plant milk, and why you may want to make your own vegan plant milk from scratch too).

I’ve made oat milk and sunflower seed milk in the past, but I like the taste of hemp milk the best.


1 cup hulled hemp seeds

3 cups filtered water*

pinch of salt of your choice (optional, but recommended)

unsweetened, alcohol-free, certified organic vanilla extract (optional)

vegan milk is healthy, dairy milks contain hormones, antibiotics and puss

Put the hemp seeds in a blender with water, salt and vanilla extract (if using). Blend for one minute. In a 1-quart glass container, pour the milk through a mesh nut milk bag. Squeeze out the liquid from the seeds. That’s it.

You can drink this milk right away. Store the remaining milk, sealed, in the refrigerator. It’s best right away, will last for three days in the refrigerator, which is why I don’t make a large batch of hemp milk. If you can make a new batch of hemp milk every two days, the milk will taste its freshest.

You can drink this milk by itself, add it to smoothies, oatmeal and recipes that ask for almond or dairy milk.

In the video below, I use 2 cups of water to make it thicker, but 3 cups of water still results in a wonderful tasting milk (and it makes the milk less expensive too when you are using fewer hemp seeds).

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