Walking workout – 2500 steps (walk & talk workout) Topics: diabetes, MS, cancer, acne, wrinkles, weight loss

Some people prefer my exercise videos while others prefer my videos on health related topics so I merged the two into this low impact, all standing walking workout. 

In this video, I cover the following topics:

What foods most doctors, nurses and nutritionists recommend for diabetics, which makes blood sugar control worse and leads to weight gain.

Noodles, when consumed on a high-fat diet (most restaurant noodle dishes contain sugar), increase blood sugars

What foods to eat and avoid to improve blood sugar control, reverse Type-2 diabetes, to promote fast and safe fat loss. 

Fruit is actually good for diabetics, but you need to limit fats, especially coconut, to keep blood sugars from spiking.
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Why diabetes medications need to be minimized, and the harms they cause. 

The surprising thing exercise does that repairs us from the inside out.

What health and nutritional courses of action I would have taken, had I known then, what I know now, about which foods trigger MS (multiple sclerosis), and what foods I would have given my father to drink, which should have halted and possibly reversed the progression of this hideous disease. (If you or someone you know has MS, refer them to Dr. Brook Goldner’s autoimmune protocol immediately).

The best position to sleep to protect your shoulders and skin from wrinkles.

Why I now get the annual flu shot. (I used to get really sick from the flu every year with a fever, a barfing episode, chills, and a violent cough that lasted for weeks. The last time my husband and I had the flu, we were sick for a month and coughing so hard, we called it coughing up lung cookies 🍪 because it felt like our organs were being expelled. It was after that, we both got our annual flu shots and we only get a mild flu for a few days once a winter, if at all.)

What a truly healthy diet is:

A healthy diet is one where we reduce protein, fat and calcium and don’t consume milk, fish, yogurt, ice cream, eggs, butter, beef, pork, chicken, lamb, or cheese (that’s the worst of them).  These foods cause cancer, high LDL cholesterol, heart disease, hormone imbalances, acne, leaky gut, autoimmune disease, diabetes and weight gain.

Our bodies make all the cholesterol we need. When we eat animal products and oils, which contains cholesterol, our bad cholesterol levels become elevated. Whole plant foods do not contain cholesterol.

avoid all animal products, including chicken, to lower cholesterol, and lower cancer risk

A healthy diet is one where we avoid oil, sugar, chips, juices, pretzels, honey, crackers, oils, including coconut oil, maple syrup, dried fruit, soda, and pastries.

food that contain sugar, milk, butter, oil, and/or flavorings cause not just weight gain, but sickness

We want to eat the majority of our food from healthy carbs like potatoes, mangoes 🥭 peas, berries like blueberries, bananas 🍌 , grains like quinoa, oatmeal from oat groats and a variety beans.

I love fruit smoothies with my homemade hemp milk.

you can find my hemp milk recipe on my blog

You can make delicious recreations of taco meat and ground beef from lentils and beans.

I bake, season and crumble tofu to make the best tasting chicken and fish. 

We need to eat greens 🥬 like arugula and Brussels sprouts daily. 

eat a salad, fruit, berries, raw vegetables, fresh herbs and legumes daily to promote health

We want to eat raw nuts and seeds & avoid roasted & salted nuts and seeds.

I grind flax seeds and mix in cinnamon to make healthy graham cracker crumbs. Flax seeds are a high source of vegan omega 3 fatty acids that convert into DHA, which is needed for brain health.

We want to eat small portions of good fats like avocado 🥑because too much of any fat makes us sick and fat.

Click play on the YouTube video below to learn about these topics and more ⬇️ 

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