Finger and toe exercises with low-impact cardio workout (all-standing, gentle workout)

written by Nina Shantel,, published March 22, 2022

Our fingers and toes don’t get enough exercise because we don’t all play the piano, practice ballet and we have our feet confined in shoes most of the time. We need blood flow and circulation to all parts of our body, especially our digits.

I’ve combined finger and toe exercises with a low-impact, all-standing, easy cardiovascular workout to increase blood flow, get your heart pumping and to boost your mood. This workout is suitable for all ages, from kids to seniors. Have a sturdy chair nearby as there are a few exercises that challenge your balance.

If you have arthritics, carpal tunnel, neuropathy, poor circulation, Raynaud’s, or stiffness in your fingers and/or toes, this workout will get the blood flowing to those digits. I share health, exercise and nutrition tips in this video during the workout to share information that will protect your heart, reduce bodyfat, improve circulation, and help you feel fabulous.

In the workout, I also discuss which foods to eat, which foods to avoid and which foods to limit to promote proper blood flow and circulation. I go into detail about how all types of excess fat impedes blood flow, and why carbohydrates like fruit and vegetables enhance blood flow. Also discussed is the benefit of fiber from plant foods, such as their ability to clean out excess fat and cholesterol, and which foods promote healing.

In this video, you will find exercises such as rubbing hands together to warm them up, crunching and flexing the fingers and toes, finger flicks, prances, calf raises, and wrist and ankle rotations to name a few. You will also get to experience the wonderful feeling of fireworks fingers, spider fingers, and piano fingers exercises.

The exercises are not limited to just the fingers, toes, ankles, and feet, it’s a cardiovascular workout for the whole body. There’s even gentle stretching at the end.

Click the play button on the YouTube video below to start this workout, which you can even do seated if you like.

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