How to reduce inflammation (Ayurvedic anti-inflammatory spice blend recipe)

written by Nina Shantel, blog:, published May 10, 2022

Short-term (acute) inflammation is normal, but long-term (chronic) inflammation is harmful. Expecting a pill to cure you of what ails you may be a possibility with the right ingredients, in the right quantities.

Which spices are anti-inflammatory?

Turmeric, ginger, Boswellia and black pepper, all have anti-inflammatory effects and can reduce pain, inflammation, and help the body heal itself (1).

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Which supplements are safe?

There are many products on the market with these four anti-inflammatory ingredients, but if these spices are not certified organic, they may be laden with toxic pesticides, some known to cause cancer and induce gut dysbiosis.

Supplement statements on labels are, many times, misleading, to convince you that their product is superior, when, in fact, it is inferior, contains little of the beneficial ingredients, more of the cheaper ingredients, less of the more powerful expensive ingredients (like turmeric), and are cut with other ingredients that are unhelpful, added as fillers. Therefore, you want to be wary of supplements that are inexpensive; they are cutting corners, to be able to sell you a cheaper (inferior) product to capture more of the market (1).

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Avoid consuming synthetic ingredients in supplements and foods, as the human body does not recognize man-made concoctions as natural and may start attacking the “foods” you’ve ingested and your own tissues, which is why I always choose plant-sources (1).

We also need to be concerned about where these spices are sourced since soils can be contaminated with heavy metals and/or arsenic. Your good intentions are to make yourself healthier, yet some supplements make people ill (1).

This supplement, Bosmeric-SR from Sanjevani causes pain in my fingers and toes

Does Bosmeric-SR lower inflammation?

An Ayurvedic anti-inflammatory supplement with the extracts from Boswellia, ginger, turmeric and black pepper, although it’s not certified organic, but it is pesticide free, non-GMO, kosher, gluten-free, vegan, and made from plants, that I tried, called Bosmeric-SR, is expensive at about $100 for 120 capsules, which includes shipping. I took this supplement, as prescribed, for two weeks, and each evening, my fingers and toes turned red, swelled, and burned in pain. Bosmeric is supposed to reduce pain. When I stopped taking these pills, my toes and fingers stopped hurting. I spoke to Dr. Sunil Pai, who sells Bosmeric-SR, and told him about my side effects from his supplement. His explanation was that his supplement may be too strong and to stop taking it until I’m better, which I thought was bizarre since the supplement is designed to promote healing.

You can make your own capsules with whole ingredients, better tolerated by the body, by watching the YouTube video I created below, at the end of this post.

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The certified organic spice Boswellia jar I purchased from cost me $17.99.

The 0-size vegetarian (they are vegan) capsules cost me $5 at a local market.

I buy certified organic powdered ginger ($3.79), ground turmeric ($3.99) and whole black peppercorns ($3.99) from either Sprouts, Whole-Foods or Vons.

I spent a total of $34.76 for the spices and capsules which is a really good deal because that will make over 1000 capsules.

How to reduce inflammation with lifestyle changes

While certain herbs and spices have anti-inflammatory effects, a pill is not a cure-all if you are eating inflammatory foods like sugar, gluten, dairy, and animal products.

fish and foods high in fat are inflammatory

If you’re being exposed to chemicals, toxins, or heavy metals, a supplement cannot help you enough.

If you’re not drinking enough water, or if you are frequently stressed out, or sleeping odd hours, or aren’t sleeping enough, you aren’t giving what your body needs to heal itself.

Make yourself a priority to take care of yourself.

Yoga, stretching, and/or meditation are wonderful forms of self-care

If you need guidance, motivation, healthy dairy-free and vegan recipes, which ingredients and foods to avoid that cause inflammation, along with what to do to get well, check out my book at

Greens are anti-inflammatory. Try to eat 1 pound of cruciferous greens daily

If you want to speak to a doctor who specializes in inflammation and is certified in herbal medicine, you may want to consider contacting Dr. Pai, a Holistic Integrative Medicine doctor, to schedule a consultation in person or virtually. (I have no financial affiliation with Dr. Pai, his company or his products)

The mind and body are connected so stay positive and try your best.

I wish you well.

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  1. Source: Pai, S., & Weil, A. (2015). An inflammation nation: The definitive 10-step guide to preventing and treating all diseases through diet, lifestyle, and the use of natural anti-inflammatories. RocDoc Publications.

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