Kickboxing and Boxing Workout for Beginners (20 min cardio workout)

In this 22-minute kickboxing and boxing beginner workout, the objective is to have fun, get cardiovascular exercise, throw some kicks and punches, and strengthen the core, hips, and shoulders.

Below are the exercises, in order:

  1. No-jumping, low-impact jump rope
  2. Hip lifts, 10 per side
  3. Cross punches. 10 per side
  4. Squat plus two side steps, followed by a calf raise and triceps extension
  5. Uppercuts. 10 per side
  6. Speed bag
  7. Jab + cross. 10 reps per side
  8. Squat, step, kick low, medium and high
  9. Rear hook. 10 reps side
  10. Push kick. 10 reps per side
  11. Cool down/stretch

Click the play button on the YouTube video below to workout with me

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