30-min complete workout video with light dumbbells (no repeats)

written by Nina Shantel, blog: RealDietHelp.com, published September 27, 2022

In this 30-minute, no repeat, full-body complete workout for beginners/intermediates, all you will need is one set of dumbbells (anywhere from 3 to 8 pounds), a soft surface such as a yoga mat, a chair and water.

Below are the exercises performed in the workout video below, in order:

  1. Standing bent-knee hip lifts followed by rotations. 15 reps each side. This works the medial glutes, the hips and side-butt.
  2. Seated single-leg extensions. 20 reps, each leg. This works the quadriceps muscles, which are located on the front of the leg.
  3. Single-leg butt-kicks to hand. 15 reps per side. This works balance and the hamstrings, the muscles on the back of the upper thighs.
  4. Bulgarian split-squat with one weight, followed by a single leg deadlift. 10 reps per leg. This exercise combination works the core (balance), glutes (the butt), thighs and hamstrings.
  5. Snow angels with pointed toes to push-ups with flexed feet (you can also perform these on your knees with ankles crossed). 10 reps. These exercises work the low-back, upper back, shoulders, chest, and triceps.
  6. Dumbbell narrow chest press in a bridge. 15 reps. This exercise focus on the triceps, the muscles on the upper back of the arms.
  7. Dumbbell chest fly’s. 8-15 reps. This works the chest and triceps.
  8. Bend-over lat swings 8-15 reps. This works the low back and lats, the large back muscles.
  9. Supinated to pronated dumbbell curls. 10 reps. This works the biceps and forearms.
  10. Overhead dumbbell front raises. 8 reps. This works the shoulders.
  11. Staggered-stance rear delt throws. 8 reps. This works the back of the shoulders and postural muscles.
  12. Plie-to lunge for 1-minute. This works the glutes, legs, and core.
  13. 1-min parallel to pigeon-toed calf raises
  14. Dumbbell shoulder height swings with glute squeeze. 10-15 reps. This works the butt and shoulders.
  15. High-knees to alternating hand taps. 30-60 seconds. This works the lower abdominals.
  16. Hollow body hold for 30 seconds. This works the abs.
  17. Dumbbell side bend to dumbbell lateral raises. 8-10 reps per side. This works the side abs (obliques) and medial deltoids (the sides of the shoulders).
  18. Forearm cobra pose stretch. 10-30 second hold. This works the triceps and stretches the abdominals and back.
  19. Stretches

Press the red play button below to join me in this fun, energizing workout.

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